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Here at Perfect Draft Beer Kegs we cater for all of your 6 litre beer keg needs for the Perfect Draft machine. The Perfect Draft allows you to enjoy the crisp refreshment of beer on tap in any location in the UK! Whether you’re enjoying a summer BBQ, birthday party or corporate event, treat your guests to something special and unique that will keep them coming back for more!

Perfect Draft Beer Kegs are one of the very few stockists and suppliers of the mini kegs for use in the Perfect Draft machine in the UK. With a wide selection of beers to choose from at industry leading prices, it is easy to see why Perfect Draft Beer Kegs are becoming one of the leading distributors in the country.

Becks, Leffe Blonde, Jupiler, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden are the beers currently available to purchase from Perfect Draft Beer Kegs. The wide selection caters for a variety of palates including those who like strong Belgian beers, those who prefer mainstream lager and those who love the taste of wheat beer. Don’t have the Perfect Draft machine? The portable dispenser is available to hire or purchase from Perfect Draft Beer Kegs.

Each 6 litre mini keg holds approximately 10 pints – perfect for a small get together or the home user! All you need to dispense the Perfect Draft kegs is the Perfect Draft machine, a unit which incorporates its own cooler to chill the beer to the refreshing temperature of 3 degrees. The Perfect Draft kegs are easily installed with a simple method giving you the gift of draught beer in moments!

With Perfect Draft Beer Kegs you can bring the feel and atmosphere of the pub to your living room. Treat your palate to a flavourful, perfectly pulled pint and keep the bottled beer away!
Being a UK supplier of the Perfect Draft, you can have your kegs delivered to your doorstep within days at the lowest of prices. Any special requirements to have your kegs delivered to you at the minimum of fuss are welcome for a hassle free experience.

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